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The issue now is clear: it is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side. — G. K. Chesterton
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Societies Burdens Caught Succeeding Again

I came across an interesting tidbit today in some random reading. A story about Temple Grandin http://awards.tv.yahoo.com/blog/50-who-is-temple-grandin?nc . At first glance it's just another world of entertainment tidbit. A biopic about Temple Grandin that took home some 5 of 7 emmy's it was nominated for. Big deal right? Well the big deal once I started reading was that Temple Grandin has autism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_Grandin ) and holds several higher education degrees. She's accomplished many things in her life and she's been diagnosed with autism since 1950.

Food for Thought

As a society we are concerned with preventing unwanted pregnancies, building social programs, being financially stable, and saving our planet. When we increase our national debt we are borrowing from tax money from future generations. Things like social security are structured around there being future generations that will pay into it. Since the legalization of abortion in this country millions of future tax payers no longer exist to support these things. As a country we are currently below replacement levels as far as reproducing goes.

The Birth Control Blinders

A few late night thoughts. The MTV generation is all about birth control. They are all about getting every girl in this country on birth control. They are all about condoms. Stop unwanted pregnancies, stop STD's, be responsible. They've taken all the meaning and commitment in sex and turned it into something as common as drinking a cup of coffee. They tell you to use a medication to prevent pregnancy that can cause holes in your heart. They feel free to tell you that it's okay to kill your baby if you happen to get pregnant. All so that you can meaningless sex with whoever you desire.


"Ultimately, the Catholic who is very angry is a Catholic who is full of fear. He sees what is going on around him and he fears that God cannot overcome it. He fears that perhaps it is possible that our sins really will rule the day and that the gates of hell will in fact overcome the Church. Yet the more one surveys history, the more one sees that no matter how terrible man can be (and terrible indeed he can be), God is still at work in the world and He cannot be overcome. The Church endures, saints still live in the world, and the Gospel is still preached to the ends of the earth.

Commuting The Down Syndrome Death Sentence

Recent figures have some 90% of potential down syndrome babies will be aborted. I say potential because the prenatal tests that determine it are not 100% conclusive. That being said some percentage of perfectly healthy babies are aborted out of fear that they might have had Down's Syndrome. This is revolting to me, especially considering how functional most are. So an article came to my attention http://catholickey.blogspot.com/2009/09/touchdown-for-down-syndrome-play... that once again proves that people are wrong about Down's Syndrome.

The Dreaded Speech

People have been going crazy about Obama speaking to school children. The problem was this was handled very poorly by everyone involved. I have to say as a mother, I understand the concerns that some conservative parents had. Those concerns were of course unfounded in the end. My grandma claims that he must have changed his real speech at the last minute. That's a little too 9/11 truther/ conspiracy theory for me. What the speech actual said was pretty much what everyone has been telling their kids for a very long time.

Tragedy Turned Miracle

In Paraguay a baby boy was born at 24 weeks gestation. He was pronounced dead, sent home in a cardboard box for burial, and found to be alive when the box was opened. This is an amazing story! http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/119561/Family-s-shock-over-baby-back... Please pray for this little boy (who is in stable condition at the moment).

A funny observation…

…from The Daily Peep

Interestingly, idiot derives from the Latin idiōta (Greek idiōtēs) meaning a private person, layman, or one not holding public office; from the Greek idios meaning own or private. This makes Bierce’s cynical analysis of the ultimate power vested in the idiot ironic, for one could argue to proponents of ‘social contract theory’ and the democratisation of nations are literally placing the rule of the state in the hands of idiots.

Abortion the Next Generation

So my husband shared this with me. It's on Patrick Madrid's Blog http://patrickmadrid.blogspot.com/2009/06/dear-mom-i-have-some-difficult... . Considering FOCA will allow people to have abortions all the way up to their due date, this letter is not so far fetched. If you want a reason to keep fighting for life then read this. I'll paste it below. Thanks to Patrick Madrid for posting this and thanks to my husband for sharing it with me.

January 22, 2023

Dear Mom:

My Life on Facebook

Well I finally broke down and got an account on Facebook a while back. I didn't really want a Facebook page. I'm not really big on the whole social networking thing. I had a theory going at the time that it is a very shallow way of interacting with people. I don't really like that kind of interaction. I prefer to have meaningful interactions with people who are my friends in real life and not just my "friends" on Facebook.

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