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The issue now is clear: it is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side. — G. K. Chesterton
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The Anchoress on Eucharistic Adoration

The Anchoress has written another piece on Eucharistic Adoration. This is a wonderful practice, and I can only confirm what she says in her article. It is impossible to come out of adoration without being changed subtly. In Saint Margaret Mary's work, she described the Sacred Heart as radiating rays which upon landing on them, "the souls of the just became more pure and were softened like wax," [Croiset 42] and it is evident to me that in adoration that this occurs.

Puer Natus Est

We wish all that stop by our blog a Merry Christmass! May Christ enrich your lives fully in the coming year!

Warning echos from the past

…In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and generally a decay of population, owing to which the cities were denuded of inhabitants, and a failure of productiveness resulted, though there were no long continued wars or serious pestilences among us. If, then, any one had advised our sending to ask the gods in regard to this, what we were to do or say in order to become more numerous and better fill our cities, — would he not have seemed a futile person when the cause was manifest and the cure in our own hands? For this evil grew upon us rapidly and without attracting attention, by our men becoming perverted to a passion for show and money and the pleasures of an idle life, and accordingly either not marrying at all, or, if they did marry, refusing to rear the children that were born, or at most one or two out of a great number, for the sake of leaving them well off or bringing them up in extravagant luxury. For when there are only one or two sons, it is evident that, if war or pestilence carries off one, the houses must be left heirless: and, like swarms of bees, little by little the cities become sparsely inhabited and weak. On this subject there is no need to ask the gods how we are to be relieved from such a curse: for any one in the world will tell you that it is by the men themselves if possible changing their objects of ambition; or, if that cannot be done, by passing laws for the preservation of infants. On this subject there is no need of seers or prodigies.

Fed announces today that it will start paying people to take dollars

Technically they did that a while ago when the interest rate fell below inflation, but this is nauseating: Fed Cuts Rate to Zero-0.25%, Will Use All Tools

Take my worthless paper, please!

Less than 1/4 of a point trying to reproduce the bubble of the 90's, whose effects we are reeling from today. Brilliant.

Anyone who approves of this plan up for some three card monte? :D

Can I go next year, PLEASE????

But you are truly pitiful, poor, blind and naked...

Father John Malloy, SDB asks a very salient question over at “A Shepherd's Voice...

Your thoughts wanted.
Today the first reading was from Isaiah:

"On this mountain the LORD of hosts
will provide for all peoples
A feast of rich food and choice wines,
juicy, rich food and pure, choice wines."

In Father Harold’s homily, he remarked that we should try to imagine what a gripping image “a banquet” was for the people of Isaiah’s time.

Must see Pro- Life Video

My husband sent this to me this morning. It is very well done. The video is called Volition http://www.thedoorpost.com/hope/film/?film=420351f1aefa2b42b1772fe9d5cc044a . It connects slavery, the holocaust, and abortion. It does a very good job of it too. A must see. The abortion doctor in this video makes a very common statement made by pro- abortionists. He says the baby cannot feel anything. That the baby is a lump of cells. Studies have shown that the baby can feel pain at six weeks of gestation.

Latin, latin, latin

From Fr. Z:

From a reader:

Hi Fr. Z,

While I think you would appreciate the entire list of 10 that Victor Davis Hanson writes about today, #1 goes to the crux of what you’ve been talking about for years. Here is the link:

Here is the relevant excerpt:

What went wrong

There has been a rash of "What Went Wrong with the '08 Election" posts, so I figured I'd make my addition.

There. We got

Is Abortion a Woman's Right?

So the popular thing that I hear from many women including some of my own friends is that abortion is a woman's right. No man can tell a woman whether she can have an abortion or not. But is it really a right? Is that what makes a man and a woman equal?

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